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What’s the Weather Like in Sarasota, Florida?

Thinking about visiting us in Sarasota, Florida? Great choice! You’re about to experience one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in all of the Sunshine State. Your next big decision will be when you plan to visit. While Sarasota is great in any season, there are certainly pros and cons to each. Before you decide the dates to book one of our Sarasota vacation rentals, consider the weather. Here’s a quick breakdown of Sarasota, Florida, weather for any season.

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As you can probably guess, summer in Sarasota is by far the busiest and the hottest time of year. The months of June, July, and August bring high temperatures in the 80s and low temperatures in the 70s. This season certainly lends itself well to the awesome watersports in the area!

The good news is that summer is considered the wet season in Sarasota. You might be wondering why that’s a good thing, but the regular afternoon shower is a huge help for cooling you off for the evening ahead. The summer months in Sarasota often experience up to a 70% chance of rain on any given day, giving you the perfect chance to try some indoor activities or relax at your Sarasota vacation rental with a pool for a bit. 


Fall in Sarasota brings a welcome change to the oppressive heat. For September, October, and November, expect high temperatures in the 70s and lows in the 60s. While the early mornings and late evenings are a bit cool, you can still enjoy all the fun outdoor activities during the day without any worry about getting too cold.

In the beginning of fall, there’s still a good chance of rain, but you’re less likely to experience a storm as the season goes on. In September, rain chances start falling to around 40%, and by the time November arrives, rain chances are as low as 15%. It’s not likely that rain will impact your fall vacation plans in Sarasota.


Winter draws a surprising tourist crowd in Sarasota, and even though it’s relatively cool, it’s still much warmer than the winter many Americans are used to. During December, January, and February, high temperatures hover in the 70s and low temperatures dip down into the 50s. This is definitely the season when you’ll want to pack some long pants, a light jacket, and a sturdy pair of shoes.

Winter is the dry season for Sarasota, so you won’t have to deal with rain or snow on top of the chilly temperatures. The rain chances for any given winter month are only about 20%, so it’s not a huge concern for winter travelers. You can enjoy your holiday getaway with the certainty that you’ll stay nice and dry.


Finally, spring in Sarasota breathes new life into the city as temperatures begin to rise and the surroundings come back to life. For the spring months of March, April, and May, Sarasota often sees high temperatures in the 70s and 80s, while low temperatures stay in the 50s and 60s. As the season progresses and summer approaches, the temperature rises quickly, so plan accordingly if you plan to visit in May.

Similarly, spring is still considered the dry season, but rain chances rise rapidly during May. For March and April, rain chances are only about 20% on any given day, but in May, that chance rises to around 40%. While rain still isn’t a huge concern in spring, it might not be a bad idea to pack an umbrella if you’re visiting around Memorial Day.

Now that we’ve answered your question, “What’s the weather in Sarasota, Florida?” we have a question for you. When are you coming to visit? Our condo rentals in Sarasota, FL, are waiting for you at any time of year. Contact us today to get started booking your next getaway!