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Where is Sarasota, FL?

Sarasota, Florida, is a city along the Gulf Coast. When you are visiting Tampa or St. Petersburg, also consider a trip to Sarasota, as it offers quick and convenient access to neighboring cities and has tons of things to do and see. If you are interested in visiting this wonderful place, consider a stay in one of our Sarasota condo rentals! But before you can visit, we need to answer the question, “Where is Sarasota, Florida?”


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Sarasota is a city on the southwestern coast of Florida. It is at the southern end of Tampa Bay and north of Fort Myers. The city’s limits include Sarasota Bay and the barrier islands between the Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. It is a principal city of Sarasota and is the administrative seat of Sarasota County. Lido Key and Siesta Key are the two islands that separate Sarasota Bay from the Gulf. You may hear of these islands referred to as “the Keys.” Longboat Key is the largest key that separates the Bay from the Gulf. 


If you are in Tampa or Fort Myers, Florida, you are only about an hour’s drive away from Sarasota.

To get from Tampa to Sarasota, FL, follow I-275 S to US-19 S in Terra Ceia. Take exit 5 from I-275 S, then take US-41 S/S Tamiami Trail and US-301 S to Main St in Sarasota, and you have arrived!

You can also reach Sarasota via I-175 W. Get on I-275 S and US-301 S to Main St. in Sarasota, then turn left onto Main Street to reach your destination.

We know that you’re thinking it can’t be that easy to get to Sarasota from these locations, but it is just as easy as these directions to Sarasota show!

Things to Do

Venice and North Lido Beach Park are two popular beaches found in Sarasota County. Both of the beaches offer something unique and different. Whether you want a laid-back, private beach experience or a beach teeming with activities, you’ll find it amongst the beaches of Sarasota County. Rent a bike and explore the whole area!

To satisfy your seafood craving, there are plenty of award-winning restaurants throughout Sarasota to choose from. Whether you want waterfront dining or you are dining in a restaurant close to the city, you’ll find plenty of freshly caught seafood on the menu.

Visiting Sarasota means energetic and magnetic nightlife, festivals, and entertainment. Whether you’re planning on attending a concert or enjoying a local tiki-bar, you’re sure to have fun with a host of other visitors. Sarasota is also home to a variety of festivals, concerts, and comedy hot spots. Enjoy drinking onboard a sunset cruise, enjoy a Sarasota fishing charter, or head to the town’s swankiest bar to enjoy creatively crafted cocktails.

Where to Stay

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When spending your hard-earned money, make your money go further by staying at one of our Sarasota rentals! Wherever you stay, you’ll be close to local wildlife, beautiful gardens, and fun and interesting cultural activities, such as the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. Make your trip memorable by staying at one of our vacation rentals in Sarasota.