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Why Should You Visit Sarasota in the Fall?

Is fall time the best time to visit Sarasota?

We certainly think so! Our Sarasota rentals book up for the fall, as guests from all over the world are attracted to the gulf shore of Florida.  If our conversations with guests throughout the years have told us anything, fall time is the definitive time to visit southwest Florida.

But why? We cover our top three reasons why it is best to stay at one of our pet friendly Sarasota vacation rentals during the fall season.

beautiful sarasota beach
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Beautiful Weather

It is no secret that Florida in the summer is…well, it’s hot. While the breeze from the gulf offers some respite, there’s no escaping long and hot days during the summer. This turns many visitors away, and even the draw of Disney World can’t get them to the sunshine state.

Comparatively, Florida’s fall weather is spectacular. The temperature rarely leaves the range of 65 degrees to 75 degrees. To make matters even better, the rainy season is confidently past us, giving you clear and cool-ish days to enjoy all your vacation activities. While springtime is nice too, we just love the very subtle touch of cool air in October and November. Though really, Sarasota’s weather is amazing year-round.

Less Crowded

There’s something to be said for a vacation experience that isn’t full of crowds. In this day and age, this may be exactly what you want. The summer attracts families and the winter attracts snowbirds. But fall is way too late for families with young ones back in school, yet it is too early for the snowbirds to firmly leave their northern nests. What you have is an ideal in-between. This transition period is great if you want to go on a crowd-less romp in Sarasota. 

Things to Do

The options for things to do in fall in Sarasota open up dramatically in the fall. Put simply, it is cool enough to firmly enjoy the full range of outside activities while still leaving nice indoor options available if you want them.

For example, the Ringling Museum, on site of the Ca d’Zan and the Sarasota Museum of Art, is one of the area’s top-ranking attractions. But its sprawling gardens and trails are a bit much on an especially hot day. During the fall, you can briskly walk in and out of the museums and explore the garden grounds 

The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens is another top-notch activity. Largely outside, you can see the entire garden without heat (and yes, bugs) bothering you during the peak of fall. 

Other outside activities, such as renting a bicycle in Sarasota , kayaking, or hiking are all best experienced when the bugs are at their seasonal low and the heat is at bay. 

Overall Sarasota offers tons of things to do! Check out the Sarasota Jungle Gardens Zoo, explore Myakka River State Park, take a peek at the shops in downtown Sarasota, or even see marine life up close on a Sarasota fishing charter.

Where to Stay

Not enough can be said about the experience of fall in Sarasota. While we may not get rich leaf color changes or the illuminating effect of bare trees and cold chills, we keep it calm, cool, and casual along the gulf coast. If that sounds like an acceptable tradeoff, you are in good company. We offer a range of top-rated Sarasota vacation rentals. Peruse our list, secure your stay, and make sure you experience the magic of Florida during some of the best months of the year.